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Dr. Megan Wrigg earned her bachelor’s of science in biology from Carroll College in 2008; completed her doctorate in physical therapy at the University of Montana in 2011; and recently obtained Fellowship status in the orthopedic section of physical therapy in 2022. 


Megan specializes in dance medicine and rehabilitation, sports injury and rehabilitation, orthopedic rehabilitation—specifically hip, pelvis and lower extremity impairments, Pilates, Yoga and Barre. Her certifications include IMX Pilates, Mat and Reformer, Ultrabarre and Barre Connect instructor, Spinal Manipulation (cert SMT), Dry Needling (Cert DN), Osteopractor (Dip Osteopractic) and she is a  certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS). 


Megan previously had a career as a professional ballet dancer with a background in classical and contemporary styles. Megan is passionate about providing education and treatment to young dancers and athletes to decrease the overall instances of repetitive injuries to their bodies while growing up active. If she had the knowledge she does now, she might have been able to avoid many of the injuries and surgeries she personally endured. 


Megan has been teaching Dance, Yoga, and Pilates since retiring as a dancer in 2008. Her classes help cultivate body awareness, strength, dynamic flexibility and a deeper understanding of the body and what it can do.


When she is not off earning Fellowship degrees or embarking on new certifications Megan, her husband, Kam, and their three children Nick, Lexi and Torri enjoy  being an active family and love to travel the world. 

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